Hand woven artisan blanket. Unique designer gift.

My Hand Woven Blankets and Wraps

Rhythm and memory methodically intersect,

as my hands and heart weave each of these unique blankets using indie dyed pure wools. 

These pieces are treasured in families across the world,

and will warm and be part of stories for generations to come.


Curious, Creative, Living Boldly

I am skeinydipping; an adventurous spirit diving into life boldly, curiously, creatively. 


I am an artist. My experiences of journeying the world are the foundation

for my Soul-filled hand-woven blankets and wraps.

Hand weaving. Unique gift.

Gently Hand Crafted with Intention

I gather beautiful Indie hand-dyed yarns to give shape to my memories.

I love the repetition of walking from one end to the other,

warping my rigid heddle loom.


I wind, weight, thread and lash the warp ;

then interlace my memory into the weft.

Weaving. Side to side. Repetitive. Meditative. 

My hands work gently and my studio is quiet. No podcasts or music.

Just my thoughts and the sounds of the birds and wind from outside,

 and the clunk of the shuttle as I lay it on the table before I bring the heddle back toward me to gently press the pic into the woven fabric.

The new story is end-stitched then released from the loom;

the fringe is knotted.

A careful wash, then to feel the wind to dry. 

It's final mark; a unique motif, I hand stitch.

It is then ready for its new destination;

to be a part of another's history and stories. 

Rigid heddle loom. Designer gift.


Lashing warp on to Rigid heddle loom
Simple shuttle for rigid heddle loom.
Hand end stitching.
Header woven to space the warp.
Indie-dyed yarns
The warp is free.
Sewing the end to secure.
Simple shuttle
End stitch at the completion of the blanket.
End Stitch
Hand knots in the warp to hold the lash.
Threaded Heddle
Hand woven artisan blanket. Unique designer gift.
Fabrics for Generations

I've come to learn from the weavers in many cultures,

that their woven fabric holds stories and history; 

giving a sense of cultural identity and belonging.

Nothing is woven without meaning.

I've seen fabrics which have been passed down

through generations, still being used in homes.

Often natural dyes are still being used to colour the yarn;

and patterns are often specific to a family, region or ideology.

My hand woven blankets are steeped in this knowledge,

that a handwoven object can be used daily

and still be handed to future generations;

and that woven within it are stories,

and those are my stories. My memories.

My stories are represented through colour

rather than through patterned design. 

No colour is without meaning.

No colour is without reference to memory.

My hand woven blankets and wraps are artworks which warm. 

Warm generations.

Warm hearts when they are gifted or placed lovingly on oneself or another. 

 Loom in Morocco Julie Stephenson
Julie Stephenson Weaving in Morocco
Julie Stephenson Skeinydipping weaving in Bhutan
Julie Stephenson Skeinydipping weaving in Laos
Weavers in Bhutan
Julie Stephenson Skeinydipping handweaving in Morocco


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Due to the time required to weave and sew each one-of-a-kind item by hand, only a small number of blankets/wraps are offered for sale.

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julie stephenson skeinydipping hand woven blanket designer artisan.

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