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Hand woven artisan blanket. Unique designer gift.

My Hand Woven Blankets and Wraps

Rhythm and memory methodically intersect,

as my hands and heart weave each of these unique blankets using indie dyed pure wools. 

These pieces are treasured in families across the world,

and will warm and be part of stories for generations to come.

Hand weaving with Soul. Artisan blankets.


I am Skeinydipping, diving in living boldly; and with my heart and hands create unique and beautiful blankets and wraps which hold stories and memories from my experiences of journeys around the world.

I interlace my memory into the weft. Weaving. Side to side. Repetitive. Meditative. 

Its final mark, a unique motif, I hand stitch.

Weaving a Story

Weaving memories
End stitched then cut from the loom.
Warp on my Rigid Heddle Loom
Warping my loom
Header and end stitch on weaving
Simple shuttle weaving.
Warp threads using indie-dyed merino yarn
Rigid heddle loom
Warp threads ready to lash
Placement strips and header on loom.
Indie dyed yarns are balled
Rigid heddle loom.