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Fields #2 Handwoven blanket inspired by Vintage Car roadtrip through Laos and China.

My journeys are always a source of inspiration and foundation for my artistic practice as well as the way in which I live. This is my hand woven blanket- Fields #2.

We drove in a 96 year old car through Thailand, Laos, China and Kyrgyzstan on our way to London; and the fields were the core of the lives of not only those who lived in these rural communities; but for those also where the crops were delivered and exported to.

I spent weeks observing the fields and those who worked in them. As we travelled it was difficult to post updates due to time constraints as well as censorship; and although my intention was to 'catch-up' when we arrived home... I've found myself diving into my artistic practice and have immersed myself in weaving these beautiful blankets. .

I'm using wool from my collection, and found that I start with an image/theme in my mind; then do a quick gather of yarn and then just start weaving without any fussiness about colour choices. It seems to have all just flowed without much thought. .

I then hand stitch a small motif as a symbol which represents the theme of the artwork.


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