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My artistic practice during COVID19

As an artist, I am a creator regardless of my circumstances. Although there have been times over the past months during the COVID19 pandemic where I've been quite 'wobbly'; immersing myself in my art practice and garden has been a saviour.

As we all have, I've had to adjust to a life which was never in my wildest nightmares could have been imagined; yet I was somehow able to force myself to my studio most days and continue to live expressing my memories from a lifetime of travelling.

Here in this website houses my hand weaving. My artisan handwoven blankets and wraps.

Rhythm and memory methodically intersect, as my hands and heart weave each of these unique blankets using indie dyed pure wools.

These pieces are treasured in families across the world, and will warm and be part of stories for generations to come.

I hope you enjoy seeing my memories manifest in beautiful artisan blankets and wraps.

I invite you to come journey with me, and perhaps one of my blankets or wraps may become part of your story one day too.


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