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Skeinydipping ... artisan handwoven blankets and wraps...

My name Skeinydipping , the home for my Fibre-Art and my artisan handwoven blankets and wraps, originated when I was thinking for a word which encapsulated both who I am and the fibre-art of my artistic practice.

It took about ten seconds for the word 'Skeinydipping' to pop into my thoughts... and I giggled to myself. For those who best know me, are very aware that I have an affinity for sneaky swims with no clothes on wherever I can in private places... skinny-dipping; and combine that with a 'skein' (of wool) ... and there you have it... Skeinydipping came into being.

I live boldly and love to experience the feeling of the water on my skin. The sense of freedom I feel whilst swimming without clothing is like no other. I've skinny-dipped in Antarctica; amongst the icebergs in Greenland; in the North Sea; in Pacific Ocean... oooooh... so many wonderful places.

I've had wool from skeins pass through my hands since I was a child. Yarn, knitting, spinning, crocheting, weaving; have provided opportunities for me to experience rich connections with others right across the world.

Skeinydipping is exactly me. Diving into life playfully, boldly using skeins of yarn.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artisan hand woven blankets and wraps. Click here to view some of my works and check availability.


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