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Skeinydipping blankets. Warming hearts and bodies. Why I weave them.

Skeinydipping blankets are woven stories. I weave my stories from my journeys across the world because I want to create meaningful artworks with Soul and with purpose. My blankets warm. They warm hearts and bodies; warming hearts when they are gifted; and bodies when they are placed on, or snuggled under.

In a time where it has never been so easy to obtain products; there has also never been so much waste. My hands weave my memories into beautiful handwoven blankets which are made to be used and to last generations.

As an artist, I need to express myself and tell my stories. My hands are one of my gifts and I use them artfully and creatively to weave and sew these items. In each blanket or wrap, holds my memories of a culture or experience I've had whilst travelling throughout the world. I want to share my stories through the movement of my hands and beautiful indie-dyed pure wools. These blankets will also have their own new stories held within them as they warm hearts and bodies over generations.

Skeinydipping handwoven blankets warm hearts and bodies. Stories are woven into blankets to last generations.
Skeinydipping handwoven blankets


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